Webinar “Financing Small and Medium Enterprises with Private Capital and through the Progress Market”

october, 2021.

10/21/2021Webinar "Financing Small and Medium Enterprises with Private Capital and through the Progress Market"

Date: October 22, 2021, at 2 p.m.

Venue: Zoom platform

You can register for the webinar at the LINK.

The webinar is intended for anyone who wants to acquire new knowledge and get information about the equity fund (private equity / venture capital funds) as a source of financing the economy and the possibilities of financing small and medium enterprises through the Progress market.

The webinar will provide answers to questions such as:

    • what is private equity / venture capital fund
    • who are the investors in equity funds
    • what does equity investment process looks like
    • what is private capital and what are the advantages of private equity financing over borrowing financing
    • what entrepreneurs need to know about equity financing
    • what the Progress market is and for whom it is intended
    • what are the advantages of financing operations through the Progress market over financing through equity funds
    • who is a potential issuer and who is an investor in the Progress market
    • how to use multiple sources of funding


Introductory speech – Mr. Vanja Dominović, Head of the Department for Financial Institutions Sector for Trade and Financial Institutions of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce

Dragana Resan, Head of the Business Supervision and Risk Management Unit at Prosperus – Invest private equity fund management company – her area of ​​interest is investment funds with an emphasis on private equity funds, so she independently publishes articles in professional journals to contribute to the private equity fund industry . She has twenty years of experience in the investment fund industry, during which she gained specific knowledge in the field of investment fund accounting, financial reporting, complex regulatory framework and risk management. She is the Deputy President of the Association of Investment Funds at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, in charge of alternative investment funds, and is a member of the working group “Accounting and Taxes of Investment Funds” at the European Association of Investment Funds in Brussels. She holds a license of certified internal auditor – specialist in the field of banks and financial institutions of the Section of Internal Auditors of the Croatian Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Zagreb and an international certificate of compliance specialist, ATTF Luxembourg.

Morana Plejić, Progress Market Manager at the Zagreb Stock Exchange d.d. – Her area of ​​interest is projects related to financing, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and economic development, but also all projects related to the improvement of national policies and development strategies. After more than 20 years of work in the field of banking and EU programs, she is coming to the Zagreb Stock Exchange d.d. and since 2017 has been leading a project called Progress Market. The goal of the Progress market is to provide a new way of financing small and medium-sized enterprises in the capital market. She is actively involved in entrepreneurship education, cooperation with national and European bodies and in 2019 was elected a member of the Technical Group of Experts led by the European Commission aimed at strengthening public capital markets for small and medium enterprises.



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