Teambuilding trip to Ekopark Krašograd

rujan, 2019.

9/19/2019Teambuilding trip to Ekopark Krašograd

32 alumni spent Saturday gathering in Krašograd. Through teambuilding, part of our alumni community has gained insight into the importance of generational and intergenerational connectivity. The Dean and the Chairman of the Board gave short presentations on the importance of the Alumni EFRI , on the work to date and plans for the future.

Through ‘ice*breaking’ games and various sports games such as border guards, rope pulling, bowling and football, alumni were able to get to know each other better and make new acquintances. After lunch, alumni answered questions from their colleagues about student days and career paths.

You can read more about Krašograd on their web site: Ekopark Krašograd


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