Online Lecture “Trends in Financial Markets”

march, 2021.

3/21/2021Online Lecture "Trends in Financial Markets"

Date and time: Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 2 p.m.

Place: Zoom platform

Language of the lecture: Croatian

The substantive year of 2020 has repeatedly pointed to the unpredictability of movements in financial markets, both domestic and foreign. The high level of macroeconomic uncertainty combined with economic policy makers, technological advances and historically low borrowing costs have largely shaped investors ’expectations and sentiment in financial markets. The expected stabilization of macroeconomic trends is still in a delicate phase, as indicated by the financial trends at the beginning of 2021, which suggests a still very challenging investment environment. This further emphasized the importance of adequate monitoring of systemic risks and appropriate calibration of macroprudential policy in order to preserve the stability of the domestic financial services sector.

The aim of the lecture is to provide an overview of recent macroeconomic and financial developments in the context of systemic risks that are currently at very high levels, and whose materialization can result in significant losses for investors, and in the extreme scenario threaten the stability of the entire financial system.

The lecture is intended for all those who are interested in the broader context of recent developments in financial markets, and especially for students interested in the topic of systemic risks, since in addition to the analysis of trends will highlight the prevailing risks that may adversely affect markets and the domestic financial sector.

Lecturer: Mr. Mario Bambulović, Head of the Systemic Risks Directorate at HANFA.


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