Online lecture “Strategy on A4”

september, 2021.

9/21/2021Online lecture "Strategy on A4"

Time: October 14, 2021, at 2 p.m.

Venue: Zoom platform

You can register for the lecture HERE.

Short, clear, simple, feasible, and measurable!

You need a good business plan or strategy, but you have neither the time nor the energy to think for weeks and write something that, despite good ideas, will end up in a drawer after all. You are right!

Most strategic plans are too extensive documents that are impossible to implement because they come down to general recommendations, set too many priorities, are incomprehensible and employees do not know what is expected of them and are so complicated that it is impossible to implement, measure results and correct them from time to time.

But strategic planning is still one of the most useful management tools because it maintains an organization’s focus on what is truly essential to business success.

How to make a plan that is concise, understandable, and feasible?

Strategy on A4 is an effective way to create a strategic plan that is:

  • short – on only one page
  • clear and simple – it is easy to understand, explain and see the connection between the plan and the activity
  • feasible and measurable – each implementation activity has a responsible person, a deadline, and a result indicator.

The process of creating a Strategy on A4 is based on two simple questions: What? and How ?, “What is success?” and “How will we achieve it?”. It also forces us to make difficult decisions: to limit ourselves to describing success in one sentence and choosing a small number of key goals, to determine a list of what we must and will not do, all with the goal of staying focused on those ideas, jobs, and strategies that bring success.


Boris Golob, M.Sc. ing.- as a business consultant for more than 15 years working with startups, established companies, scientists, and holding lectures and workshops for entrepreneurs in Croatia and abroad. He is an expert evaluator for the EIC Accelerator (SME instrument) program. He specializes in product and service innovation processes and commercialization strategies and is a leading expert on business model innovation in Southeast Europe. Of the 28 Strategyzer certified trainers in the world for the business model canvas, he is one.


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