Online Lecture “Business Model Innovation”

february, 2021.

2/21/2021Online Lecture "Business Model Innovation"

Date and time: Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 2 p.m.

Place: Zoom platform

Free newspapers, taxi rides for 2 Euros, plane tickets at the price of buses, bakeries without flour, banks without counters…were created by the innovation of business models.

Everyone who does something already has a business model, although they are often unaware of it. Understanding the existing business model means a better understanding of your own business, customers and competition, and creating a new one allows for better earnings and market advantage. Knowledge of analysis, creation of new and innovation of existing business models is equally important for all existing as well as future entrepreneurs.

The business model, ie the creation of new ways of connecting people, earning and satisfying customers, is a lever of innovation that will define the 21st century. It is the most powerful tool for reviving non-competitive “old” activities and a prerequisite for using technology as a lever for business growth.

The aim of the lecture is to provide participants with information on innovations and business models, how to analyze and improve them to make their business more competitive, profitable, sustainable and how to manage rapid market, technological, social and global change.

– Innovation and business model? And why is the business model important?
– Business model canvas – a tool for creating, describing, reviewing, copying, innovating, developing and transforming a business model.
– New technologies and “old” business models – a challenge or an opportunity?
– Organization management today: business plan or model?


Boris Golob, M.Sc. ing.- as a business consultant he has been working with startups, established companies and scientists for more than 15 years as well as holding lectures and workshops for entrepreneurs in Croatia and abroad. He is an expert evaluator for the EIC Accelerator (SME instrument) program. Mr. Golob specializes in product and service innovation processes and commercialization strategies, and is a leading expert on business model innovation in Southeast Europe. He is one of the 28 Strategyzer certified trainers in the world for the business model canvas.


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