Online guest lecture by Prof. Luka Čičin-Šain, Ph.D.

october, 2020.

10/20/2020Online guest lecture by Prof. Luka Čičin-Šain, Ph.D.

Prof. Luka Čičin-Šain, Ph.D., a scientist from Rijeka who leads a team from the Helmholtz Center for Infectious Research in Braunschweig, will give an online lecture as a part of the activities of the Alumni EFRI on the topic: “SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic – Truths and Misconceptions”

Thanks to the recent discovery of Prof. Čičin-Šain, Ph.D., and his team, the world is closer to a cure for Covid-19. They achieved significant success by identifying antibodies that prevent the new coronavirus from entering the cell. Additional research is ongoing in order to create a drug to treat patients with more severe Covid-19 symptoms. You can apply for the lecture via the link.


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