1st EFRI Charity Trail Run

prosinac, 2018.

12/18/20181st EFRI Charity Trail Run

Faculty of Economics and Business’s students, employees, alumni and friends will run (or walk) for 40 toddlers, beneficiaries of the CeKeDe association, who have lower financial possibilities and are often socially excluded from our society.

CO-ORGANIZERS: Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Rijeka, Alumni EFRI, EFRI Student Assembly, EFRI Sport and the City of Kastav.

DONORS Blue Gym, Jump in with Ivona, Ilok Cellars, Dobro (Žito Osijek), EFRI Canteen, Winemakers Association Belica Kastav; Caffe Fiume.

MEDIA SPONSOR – La voce del popolo


According to the latest UNICEF research, the only daily warm meal for more than 20,000 children in Croatia is a meal from public kitchen. More than 20,000 children in Croatia do not have adequate footwear, and every fifth child lives below the poverty line. The parents of these children cannot provide any extra-curricular activities and are not provided with services such as speech therapists, etc. To the most of socially excluded children nobody has ever read a story before bed.


It is the association CEKADE, for which this action is organized, that deals with the social inclusion of children, the management of food donation system in Croatia, as well as the reduction of excessive food waste.

The race is open for anyone wishing to support this action. A voluntary contribution will be given when picking up the start number on the race day.

We invite all interested citizens to join us, by running or by taking a nice walk through the Kastav forest, thus supporting the social work of the CeKaDE association.

The fastest three male and female participants, who run the entire route, are also guaranteed valuable prizes. Refreshments will be organized for all participants at the end of the race.

The race is supported by the Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka, Alumni EFRI, EFRI Student Assembly, EFRI Sport and the City of Kastav.


Applications via the FORM are required


The race program

10.00 h Starting numbers distribution

10.30 am Guided Warm Up

11.00 h start at Crekvina

12.30 h proclamation and socializing



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