EFRI humanitarian action – 60 years of humanity

december, 2020.

12/20/2020EFRI humanitarian action - 60 years of humanity

Every year, EFRI community, which brings together students, alumni and employees of the Faculty, shows a big heart in humanitarian activities – with the same enthusiasm and desire to help those who are in need, we will mark the entry into the 60th jubilee year for our Faculty!
In this very challenging period, we decided to help a category of people who often go “under the radar” in such actions. These are people of lower financial status, most often the elderly, sometimes without their own home, some of them with disabilities, all with one common denominator – they were left alone in life.

In cooperation with the Social Self-Service we decided to find out who they are and what they really need and we got a list of their wishes. Wishes that have nothing to do with the gifts that most people imagine for Christmas – LIST.

You can participate in the action in two ways

1. Fill in the wishes submitted by our users – the document contains a list of wishes, to which you can enter your name and contact if you want to buy this gift. We removed the names from the list because that is not the goal of this gift – but we will be happy to tell anyone who decides to buy a gift and deliver it themselves and forward the contact. On the gift, write what is in it in order to get into the right hands.

2. We will collect food and hygiene supplies for the users of the Social Self-Service – flour, oil, cans, shampoos and everything else that is needed in everyday life. Make a food package, write a greeting card (and sign), and we’ll do our best to get it in the right hands.

  • We are aware that we are currently in an online environment and that it is therefore difficult to maintain the action – and that is why we have organized that you can bring gifts and food to the Faculty Canteen every working day from 8 to 14 December 2020 from 7.30 to 19.00.
  • On the gift, write a greeting card from who is it and what is in the gift and the ordinal number from the table so that we know who it is intended for.
  • The list will be supplemented with more precise information (eg number of shoes, etc.) – we will send you more information about the product when you sign up for the list next to the gift you have chosen.
  • If you decide to donate food that is fresh and has a limited shelf life (eg meat), you can do so by buying a voucher or announcing a few days in advance so that we can immediately arrange delivery / collection.

For more information: diana.jezina@efri.hr.

07:30h - 19:00h

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