Alumni panel: ‘Former students to present ones: You career starts today!’

listopad, 2019.

10/19/2019Alumni panel: ‘Former students to present ones: You career starts today!’

The alumni panel is a special event within Career Week, bringing together four alumni of the Faculty, that will discuss career advancement and the role of formal and non-formal education.

A successful career has a different meaning for everyone, but in any case it starts during the student days. That is why our alumni will talk about how students, by engaging in various activities and student jobs, can develop a variety of competencies and entrepreneurial spirit necessary to begin their successful careers.

Our alumni – panelists are:

– Miljenko Vaić, co-owner and director at InCePoSa d.o.o. and Sales Director at PIK Rijeka d.d.

– Nikša Tomulić, co-owner and director at

– Ivana Validžić, Head of Business and Strategy at Brigada d.o.o.

– Aleksandra Ignatoski, Business Analyst at Aestus d.o.o.


The panel moderator is Prof. dr. dr. sc. Ivana First Komen.


The panel does not require registration. The panel begins at 2:00 pm in the Faculty Annex.


Career Week is held at the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka from 21st to 25th October 2019. EFRI business partners will give lectures to students during the Week to share stories about their career paths, as well as inform students about the opportunities offered to them during and after their studies.


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